Are you the sort of person who loves your creative business but struggling to get noticed or grow sales in your creative business?  Hi my name is Neelam Meetcha and for over fifteen years I have been growing and building a business from gift wrapping and paper crafting.  At first I was struggling to get recognised, I mean who would want to pay to have a gift wrapped! My mindset was one of scarcity and fear, I was constantly worried about where my next sale would come from, how I would pay my bills and my biggest fear was that I would have to shut the love of my life, my creative business down.  

One day everything changed, it wasn’t a big order or sudden recognition, it was about creating a creative business strategy to showcase my artistic flair, my passion and the detailed creative products I was producing.  I’m now delighted to be offering my secrets and insights to fellow creative business owners through my creative strategy online business courses.  These courses have been specifically been developed based on my costly mistakes, mistakes you need to avoid in order to stay ahead of your competitor. 

I’m now sustaining not only my creative business but my experiences and confidence has enabled me to master the art of business growth and I’m delighted to be able to build and grow other businesses alongside my creative business. 

If you’re ready to really make a success of your creative business, I invite you to register for my Creative Business Success Courses and start increasing sales in your creative business today.