How to gift wrap a bottle in tissue paper and cellophane

White tissue paper, black lace cellophane with a bespoke bow made with a ribbon shredder.

Neelam, how do you gift wrap an awkward shape or a bottle.

Forget using bottle bags, unless you are adding a flair with a ribbon bow or paper embellishment.

The best way to add value and to gift wrap an awkward shape or bottle is to use tissue and cellophane.

  1. Measure your tissue paper so that it comfortably wraps around your bottle
  2. Place the awkward shape in the centre of your tissue paper
  3. Pleat the tissue paper up to the top and tie with a ribbon or string
  4. Measure your cellophane and place your gift in the centre of the cellophane and pleat up
  5. Tie with ribbon
  6. Make a stunning bow to complete your gift wrap.

You don’t need to buy expensive paper or ribbons to create a stunning gift wrap.


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