Gift Wrapping Ideas, Step By Step Guide On How To Exquisitely Wrap Your Gifts, Vol 1, Neelam Meetcha brings you a beautiful collection of gift wrapping techniques. Neelam brings you a collection of gift wrapping materials & tools to gift wrap like an expert.

Bottles, round shapes, gift baskets, ribbons & bows are just some of the techniques you will learn in the comfort of your home. Step by step tutorials illustrate the basic technique of gift wrapping to a beautifully finished work of art.

Whether you’re a fan or meeting Neelam for the first time, you’ll fall in love with her creative wrapping styles & her extravagant ribbon bows, you’re sure to be turning heads with your creative gift wrapping presentations.

Get your creative mind in gear, take a seat and nourish yourself with creative gift wrapping expert Neelam Meetcha.

Neelam Meetcha is the Gift Wrapping Expert on the largest craft TV channel in the UK