Getting Clear On The One Biggest Result You Provide For Your Gift Business Customers

Increase sales in your gifting business

Build A Solid Foundation For Your Gifting Business

Do your customers within your target market see your products as something that fulfills their need?  It’s not just about providing a product, it’s about how you fulfill a need or desire they have.

What is the number one result you help your clients achieve or get? By number one result I mean one big result. There are lots of things that you help your clients achieve, experience or get. Generally when a client comes looking for you, they’re looking to solve one big problem or achieve one big result.

You want to create a buzzing and client filled business.  The bottom line is that you want more clients. Understanding the needs of your customers will give you a great understanding of how you need to fulfill that need.  Work back from that need and put in a system and strategy that will get that customer to pay for your services.

Every product or service you offer must have one big promise. Your job is to fulfill that promise in the delivery of your service.



What is the number one, biggest result you provide for your clients? NOW I’m going to be blunt, many creative gift business owners do not want to work on the most important tasks, the tasks that build a strong foundation for their gift business.  A gifting business can not be built on marketing a few times a year on social media, it has to be consistent, both offline and online.

Overwhelm in a gifting business comes from not knowing what the next step is. Business owners will invest a lot of money into a gifting business, promote now and again and then give it up because it doesn’t work.  Overwhelm is an emotion, it’s a natural part of life and business and getting rid of overwhelm is easy when you know what the next step for your business is. Create a strategy and implement a system that you will work with to promote your services over and over again.

Keeping in touch with customers on social media is NOT enough, for example Facebook won’t show your posts to everyone, you have to invest in paid for posts however you need to know how to do this effectively.  Move your those customers from Facebook and create a database of customers and prospects that will pay you for new products before they are even launched – you have to have a keep in touch strategy in order to build and grow your gifting business.

Grow a database of clients and customers, implement a system to increase sales and grow your business online. This course is specifically created for gifting and creative businesses, with your needs in mind. The very same system I have been using for over eight years to grow and expand my gift wrapping and paper craft academy.

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