Work on the essential tasks that grow your creative business.



Good morning, I’m sorry I’ve been a little quiet. I’ve been working on two launches, filming and preparing for shows. Juggling everything can be a little overwhelming at times.

The way I cope and keep moving forward is to keep a plan on my desk and work strictly to that. Yes sometimes we do have to change things a little however keeping the momentum going is the only way to grow your business.

You may ask how I keep my sanity with so much going on. Today’s post is how I keep it all together whilst expanding and growing my business, for me it’s about systematizing and automating my business so that I can concentrate on the most essential tasks.


You have a business goal and you have clarity about what you need to do if you want to achieve in your business. That’s the first thing. Second, you must know absolutely (the minimum) what is necessary for you to achieve that goal. What conditions do you have to create in order to achieve that business goal?

That’s a very important question because until you know what’s absolutely necessary to achieve your business goal, you can’t make the next decision and the next decision is what is essential and what is not essential.

I’m going to presuppose that a lot of your time is probably spent on things that are NOT absolutely essential for your business to grow.

You can only distinguish between what is truly essential and what is not essential if you know exactly what the business needs in order for it to achieve its goal.

One of the reasons why some entrepreneurs can work a lot less, get a lot further in the development of their business, be a lot more successful and at the same time, have somewhat of a balanced life and actually have free time and end their day at a normal time, is that they focus on what’s absolutely essential.

That means that in the beginning when you’re getting a business off the ground you might only have one way to bring in buyers, one product to sell them and one overall strategy that deals with that. However if you pick the right one, if you focus on the one that you believe is the essential one, then you have a lot of time on your hands to move that forward in the fastest way, get the fastest results and also have the ability to do a lot less but yet get a lot more done.

The simplest way to really get a handle on whether or not you are looking at your schedule and operating under the right context is to ask yourself, “Do you know what’s absolutely essential to your business?” And if you can’t answer that then the odds are incredibly high that you’re spending a lot of time on non-essential activities. That doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time on those activities. It just means that those should always be left for last and that if you get the essential things done each day, then you’ll see that you’ll have a lot more free time.

Now what generally stops an entrepreneur from doing that is that they don’t really know what is absolutely necessary. And, if you’re not sure what’s absolutely necessary that needs to be your first priority, figuring out what’s absolutely necessary.

How are you attracting new clients to your business? What system and process do you have in your business that will give you time and freedom to grow and expand your business whilst enjoying the things that you want to do?

LIFE GETS IN THE WAY, WE HAVE TO DROP EVERYTHING TO SUPPORT OUR LOVED ONES, that is life, but with an automated keep in touch system, the business continues to attract new clients and customers while you deal with these situations.

Your business should not be a burden; I speak with so many people who are feeling distressed and overwhelmed with the amount they need to do keep the momentum going for their business.

You need a system that will support you to build your database of customers help you to grow your business. Grow a database of clients and customers, implement a system to increase sales and grow your business online. This course is specifically created for gifting and creative businesses, with your needs in mind. I’m sharing my exact system that has been helping me grow my business for many years.

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