If you don't have a database or list of prospects for your gift business you are leaving money on the table.

A strategy for your gifting business starts with your target customers

If you don’t have a database of people who have inquired about your service – you are LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE.

I posted to my database of customers and people who have inquired about my services last week. From that one email I have been able to generate £989 in two days – HOW?

Staying in front of your possible clients is a must and if you don’t have a list you are going to have to work 100 times harder to sell your gifts or creative products.

Building and growing a gift or creative business is based on your systems, processes and strategy. If your foundation isn’t solid then you will travel back and forth with your decision to continue with your gifting or creative business.

Here’s the first post on getting your foundation right to grow your gift business.

No system, no process, no sales.


Day One – Step One

Deciding who I will serve (target market)

Your target market is the specific group of people or businesses you serve. They maybe CEO’s of large companies who are living a very stressful life and don’t have time to run around looking for gifts or gift hampers.

Identifying your target market helps you to show up in the same place as these people hang out. It’s so much easier to create sales from people who are aware of you and already know about you and trust that you will be able to fulfill their needs.

There are three reasons why you should identify your target market:

1. You’ll know where to find them
2. You’ll discover their networks
3. They will know you are committed to serving them.
Take a couple of minutes and think about who you want to serve. Think about where they hang out and how you will fulfill their most compelling need.

You have to think further than creating a gift for someone, you need to think about what need you are fulfilling for your customer or client.

Grow a database of clients and customers, implement a system to increase sales and grow your business online. This course is specifically created for gifting and creative businesses, with your needs in mind.

Have a great day and feel free to get in touch at info@gift-wrappingservices.com