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Gift Wrapping Ideas, Step By Step Guide On How To Exquisitely Wrap Your Gifts, Vol 1, Neelam Meetcha brings you a beautiful collection of gift wrapping techniques. Neelam brings you a collection of gift wrapping materials & tools to gift wrap like an expert. This book is spiral bound, giving you easy access to each step by step guide without having to worry about pages closing themselves.

Bottles, round shapes, gift baskets, ribbons & bows are just some of the techniques you will learn in the comfort of your home. Step by step tutorials illustrate the basic technique of gift wrapping to a beautifully finished work of art.

Whether you’re a fan or meeting Neelam for the first time, you’ll fall in love with her creative wrapping styles & her extravagant ribbon bows, you’re sure to be turning heads with your creative gift wrapping presentations.

Get your creative mind in gear, take a seat and nourish yourself with creative gift wrapping expert Neelam Meetcha.

Neelam Meetcha is the Gift Wrapping Expert on the largest craft TV channel in the UK

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