How To Make Chocolate & Candy Bouquet & Gift Basket Master Class


Sunday 13th December – limited places on the live class 

This live course will teach you how to create beautiful chocolate and candy bar bouquets.  You will learn Neelam’s secret tips that she’s perfected for over 13 years.

A day with Neelam Meetcha teaching you her secrets on how to choose and assemble perfect chocolate bouquets. All materials are included on the day

Whats included in the course
Ferrorocher Chocolate Bouquet One
1. Choosing the right products for a chocolate bouquet
2. Tools of the trade
3. Creating tissue flower buds
4. Preparing a vase for flower buds
5. Assembling the chocolate bouquet
6. Gift wrapping a chocolate bouquet
7. Creating a hand made bloom bow

Candy Bar Chocolate Bouquet Two
8. Choosing the right products for a candy bar bouquet
9. Tools of the trade
10. Creating cellophane plume inserts
11. Attaching chocolate bars
12. Assembling the candy bar bouquet

Chocolate Paper Flower Wreath Bouquet
1. Make paper flower roses
2. Assemble chocolate wreath

Gift Basket One
1. Arrange and assemble a basket with handle
2. Gift wrap in cellophane
3. Create a stunning hand made bloom bow

Gift Basket Two
1. Arrange and assemble a flat gift hamper
2. Add fillers and props
3 Flat wrap a gift hamper
4. Create a stunning hand made organza bow.

Full access to the Chocolate & Candy Bar Bouquet online course
Free copy of Learn How To Gift Wrap DVD – worth £19.99

All materials are included on the day

Photography of your beautiful creations on the day, so you can start selling straight away.

You too CAN create a cash flow by learning new creative gift ideas on Neelam’s exclusive creative live events. So many women are doing an absolutely fabulous job of looking after their family, but over time lose their identity and use their family as an excuse to stop themselves from creating a service that people will pay for.

Learning a creative skill to showcase and build expertise in your local area is a sought after service in the UK, so don’t miss this opportunity. 

It’s not about where you are in life, it’s about utilising your creativity and making a difference in your life, what do you want out of your life? You don’t have to wait for the children to start full time school or fly the nest in order to create cash flow. 

Over the last thirteen years Neelam’s worked with creative’s, individuals, corporates and brands and taught them how to hone in on their creativity and increase sales & generate income.