Creative Business Sales Strategy Training Day


You will spend a full day with Neelam, where she will teach you how to create your own Creative Business Sales Strategy.  You will also get full access to the training modules in your members area after Monday 30th September 2019

  • A Bespoke Creative Sales Generating Strategy For Creative & Crafting Business Owners
  • How To Create A Strategy To Bring The Best Paying Customers To Your Business (£297 Value)
  • Unlimited Access To The Online Modules The Perfect Tool To Build Your List Of Hungry Customers Access To My Access To My Private Consulting Webinars (£497 Value)
  • Examples Of My Membership Site And Purchases Of My Products And Services (£297 Value)
  • 20 Ways To Create Engaging Creative Content For Your Audience (£597 Value)
  • NM Product Launch System – This Will Enable You To Flesh Out Your Product Before Launch Effectively (£12,000 Value)

Full access will be granted to the following training modules

  • Module 1 – Increase sales through your sales plan – mindset, confidence, experience
  • Module 2 – How to confidently promote your products and services to your customers without being salesy
  • Module 3 – Build trust and credibility in your area as a creative expert
  • Module 4 – Create a keep in touch strategy for your creative business
  • Module 5 – Claim your expertise in your niche industry – who are you, known as?
  • Module 6 – Create sales through social media – the steps and process of making sales
  • Module 7 – Create and design the right social media platforms that will keep your followers engaged
  • Module 8 – My secret on how to get repeat orders over and over again
  • Module 9 – Building the right foundation for your creative business – gifts, jewellery, facials, sewing
  • Module 10 – Simple selling methods specifically designed for creative businesses
  • Module 11 – Core self promotional strategies that save time and money
  • Module 12 – Technology to get your creative business systematized & understanding the purpose of your website & online presence


Thank you so much for all your support, I feel so much more prepared for the future! I set down with my productivity planner this morning have got moving at a very fast pace. Understanding the fundamental requirements of a creative business is key to success and I’m delighted that I decided to attend the VIP two day strategy programme with you.  many thanks Jinny (VIP Client)


Creative Business Director

Thank you for believing in me Neelam, feeling thankful and grateful. I still have a lot to do I know, but being steered in the right direction from early on has stood me in good stead to know what is worthy of my time and what isn’t. And for that I thank you. .. I will be sitting down shortly to review my plan. It was worth the investment. 1 goal is to ensure we can work together again in the future. Xx NB

N Blake

Creative Business Owner & Author

Neelam is a passionate business owner who fully understands the dynamics of running a business. Even before I started working with Neelam, she took time to understand my business and the needs of my clients. Working with Neelam has made a massive impact on the services I offer and the clientele I serve. Neelam is highly knowledgeable in helping her clients systemise their business and online platform whilst allowing the business owner to look after their clients. Neelam works from her soul level and treats her client’s business with respect and as her own. Creating an online strategy to acquire the right clientele and getting the pricing right so that my business is a successful and profitable business is always top of her agenda. She is a powerhouse and blasts full force to help her clients get the results they need to increase their customer base. Perm B x

P Bassi

Director , Creative Therapies